Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dr. Goo -V- Drunkard

I have pulled up lame here in the last few days.  I fell rollerskating and fully dislocated my shoulder.  For now I am trying to do most everything one-handed, fortunately it was my left shoulder.  You know, the worst part of all of it was that we were having a lot of fun when I fell.  After much discussion, they still want to go again, when one of the girls in their class is having a birthday party at the rink.  I probably will stay off the skates... for now.

On to the business at hand.

N had this to offer the other day, with the full story:

There on the right, under the moon is the evil (I think) Dr. Goo.  In an epic, nighttime rooftop battle he is taking on (could I make this up?) The Drunkard.  He holds a "flinger" which throws, er, flings, "glowing light bombs," one of which is heading right towards Dr. Goo.

I asked who that was on the far left and N informed me casually that he was one of The Drunkard's "not-evil minions."

Imagination.  I can't really say I have taught it to these guys, I can truly say that within any child under the age of ninety, it lurks.  I have mentioned before that I think N has a constant story running through his mind and I suffer the same disability.  I have always called it Cartoonland, a wondrous place where every silly little thing imaginable becomes a cartoon in my mind.

For instance, as painful and as frustrating as this shoulder dislocation is and has been, there is still a part of me that sees that moment, just before I fell, in surprisingly cartoon-like clarity.  There I am skating innocently along, I am not being stupid, I just get a little off balance, and for a few milliseconds, I go into a full blown Looney Toons mode; arms and legs akimbo, little action lines around my legs as I fall.  I imagine a big "POP' above my head as the shoulder comes out of place and I land, on my back, and the skates wheels continue to roll as the realization that agony will soon ensue shows on my overly animated face.

Somehow it helps.

From Marci's  '...things you don't expect to hear from the backseat...'

N:  "I imagine Heaven as a big bouncy world."

Well, who doesn't... ?

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