Saturday, January 21, 2012


The boys  creative output is always tremendous, but, somedays it's a veritable thinktank around here.  Case in point:

It's made from a regular sheet of paper, folded in half.  This may seem small to you and I, but, and  here's the clever insight, it's "little guy size."  You and I might think it's a netbook, but, to Z it's full-sized.  Brilliant.

Let's check it's features.  Most noticeable right off, it is ultra-light, like no pounds, no ounces, man technology these days.  It says "file," "bookmarks" (with backward 'k's, we're working on that), and "home page."  I'm thinking it's got a fairly standard OS. 

The keyboard is where things get really innovative.  Since it is indeed for "little guys," the design team has eschewed the standard qwerty keyboard and gone with a never before seen alphabetically ordered one, but, for technical and cosmetic reasons I can't claim to understand, the s, t, u, v and w, are all missing.  Interesting.  There is a minus, a plus and a multiplication key (screw that division crap) and again bucking tradition, the numbers are along the bottom.  Wow.

There are also a few new icons on the keys with which I am as yet unfamiliar.  That row there on the right, I feel certain that that is a "home" or "new message" key there next to the 9.  Under that is the new, ultra-hip "dude" key, with that Otl Aicher inspired stick-man pictogram (all the cool kids have one).  Next, the inexplicable "volcano" key (which I am understandably afraid to press) and, what appears to be the "electrocardiogram" key, handy.  And, the key I am so excited to see, the "instant happy" key, why has this been so long in coming?

And, finally how about that, delicious glacial blue monochromatic look it's sporting, too cool.  (I do think they're gonna have to design those missing letters back in, though.)

And there you have it, the new "Little Guy" line of notebooks from ZNova (see what I did there), they're hip, light, iconoclastic and I've got a deep inventory of them right now.  Order now!

From Marci's '...things you don't expect to hear form the backseat...'

N:  "Ow!  why did you throw that at my face?"

 Z:  "I didn't aim..."

Well, that clears that up...  wait, huh?


  1. I love it. My only question is: where can I get one?

  2. Bill, this is hilarious. Thanks for sending me the link.