Friday, September 11, 2015


Maybe I shouldn't post this, Zack said he didn't mind.  Can he really know?  I don't.

"I am Powerful and Strong, Yet Peacful (sic) and Frail."

We all are, Zack.

Remember your frailty today, remember your strength and power, remember your inner peace.  Find it all inside you, all of it.  Understand that you are everything, nothing, light, dark and all the myriad grays in between.

Peace to you and yours, today... extra hugs for them all, alright?

(My friend Justin helped me get this image, which was in two scans, together as one.  He used magic... and a wand, I think.  He has a beautiful Instagram account, check it out here.)

I wrote this post, "NearRequiem For Innocence," on this same, infamous date two years ago... it may be better.


  1. I read your "Near Requiem For Innocence,"--beautifully written!!

  2. WOW, just WOW. You have done your work well parents !!

  3. That's a beauty. Peace back at ya.