Monday, May 4, 2015

An Alternative to Today's Long Post

The boys did something that irritated their mom and dad.

They did it again and were sent to their room.

Drawers opened and shut and about ten minutes later they came out with written apologies.  Zack's was one he'd written in faith formation when they were talking about forgiveness.  A sort of "get out of trouble free" card, as it were.

It's cute and it was sweet of him to think of it.

Nick couldn't find his.  He drew this instead:

It's him in an artist outfit, beret and all, painting a flying slug as ghost Zack watches on.  His signature smiley face is there to the right.

A little weird, yes.

He also gave me this:

A drawing of the painting he is rendering in the picture.  It's an angel not a slug.


From Marci's "... things you don't expect to hear from the backseat ...

Boy: "l want popcorn."

Dad: "We don't have any popcorn."

Boy: "That's a crime."

I lied, I had popcorn.  And then I felt bad and made them some...

Thanks for popping in, run along now.  Or, hey, tell ya what, if you've got like eight or so minutes, check out this post to which this is an alternative, uh, to...

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  1. If the boys have figured out the secret to a get out of jail card please let them know I want in. That is money and success, enough to spend our days building forts and day dreaming about all sorts of stuff.