Friday, January 30, 2015

Logo Love

Just throwing around some ideas:


 Wouldn't absolutely any of these be perfect on a T-shirt?  

From Marci's "...things you don't expect to hear from the backseat..."

"You put some music on and it becomes a paaaaar-tay."


It is a lot of fun to isolate something from its context.  But, I really don't feel like I should do that here, seeing as how this is an historical record and all, so I'd better fess up.

The boys rushed into the house one day - I'd like to say they didn't do it straight from church, but they did - and went to work on a couple of "spellbooks."  They are pretty intense and they worked diligently on them and, well, that was the last I'd seen of them, until a couple of days ago.  I was trying to get a number of binders to shove into a space that could hold that number of binders minus one.  I had to remove them all to rearrange them and, lo and behold, behind them all were these two booklets.

You see, one hides one's spellbook.  They weren't hiding it from me, nothing nefarious mind you, but, well, ya gotta keep your spells safe.

Here's Nick's:

Zack rocked a different style

I am glad you took the time to come around today.  It was fun getting back to my roots here and being silly.  I've been a little too caught up in the words lately, forgetting that when I first started this I was mostly hoping to remember the silly bits and pieces I find around here.

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