Wednesday, May 7, 2014

On Purpose

Sometimes I do things on purpose, with purpose, purposefully.  Today I wish to speak 'On' purpose...

My,  I like that title.  You're so good a titles that don't mean a thing to anyone but yourself.

Why are you here again?

I dunno.  You claim to be in charge.  Just do whatever it was you were going to do, something spiritually, or prayerful.  Oh, I know, maybe something holier-than-thou, you seem to do that a lot these days.

Hey.  I don't mean it that way.  Give me a break.  I am trying to transition to a different place around here, a more... 

You're going to do it right now, aren't you?

Well... maybe.

You were just about to say "transcendent" weren't you?

No.  No, I was not.

Dude, I'm sitting right here. I'm in your own head.  I'm a "device," remember?  Go on...

... a more transcendent, luminous place.

Oh, good God!

I'd like to write more meaningful things.  In fact today I was going to introduce a prayer I wrote recently for a someone, anyone, everyone. 

That doesn't even make sense.  Do it some other time.  What else ya got?

What?  Wait... why? 

Look, these are cute, these pictures the boys made this morning when they got up.

Please, leave the mouse alone.  As you mentioned, I am in charge, so I will publish my prayer today.


Why the hell not!? 

Because, well, you aren't ready to.  The prayer is poorly formatted and won't translate well to this template unless you actually make an effort to fix that.  You haven't really planned an introduction for it, you don't really know what you want from it, and you gave it to someone already.  Just think about it and let's look at these images, this one of the chicken is...

That's not all, is it? 



It's showoffy.

I don't think so, I, well, I worked hard on it and I think it is pretty good for a first try and, uh...

It's.  Not.  Your.  Prayer.

You know, I find it damned offensive that you would come barging in and questioning my motives and, well, just generally pissing me off.

Stop thinking about yourself.  You use "I" a whole lot more than you should.  Remember why you started all this?  Remember the very first image that captured your heart and woke your imagination?  Do you know what the lasting value of what you are doing even is anymore?  Yes, there is room for deeper reflection here, I'll give you that, but first and foremost you have endeavored to show the boys themselves.  If a little bit of you is revealed, that's cool, but try to keep framing it all around cherishing them.  Indeed, this is nothing more than a love letter to them.  Them, not yourself...

That's sorta harsh, dude. 


You're right.  Sigh...  Where were those images?

I don't know.  I can't find them again.  If you had some sort of system for filing all these images it would be a hulluva lot easier to find things around here.  I mean you scan them and then call them something weird and file them to already stuffed folders or just throw them on the desktop and...

I'll take it from here, dude.

But, if you just had a more sensible system...

Listen, you are the device.  That is why I get to say "I" all the time.  Go away.  Oh, and you hate that word, period, word, period thing and you just did it.

You weren't listening.

Go.  Away.

When the boys woke up this morning they scurried out, found paper, and made these two, uh, warrior dudes.  I like to imagine they had a shared dream and in it their characters battled and they had a night of chivalry and conquest.  I call this a "dreamsynch."

It is not what happened.

I believe last night they were talking about these characters when they were supposed to be going to sleep and decided then that they would make them in the morning.  Let's take a look, Nick first:

This seems to be Barza "Meatalman,"  I going to just let you decide what that is supposed to mean.  I see his kind is coal and he does 500-600 Dameg (damage), his helth (I know, it really does seem a little hopeless, his spelling) is hovering right at 522.  That's good, right?  He has a badass sword and seems happy to see you.

He has a pet, Arfodgeo (there is no known translation for that, in fact, it's the first time those letters have been put in that order).  As in  "Arfodgeo, who art in heaven" which I am just sure I heard Nick say this morning as I was making lunches.  He is a mole bear cat Arthur a mouse... with "weaponry" and a skull cap.

Yes, well, moving on...

This is what Zack raced out to do this morning:

Plainly, this is Mr. Miner.  He's got a nice pickax and he is clearly in a tunnel there.  I believe in the land Mr. Miner lives in, canaries have been replaced by tribbles.  His is happy and named Bepodoo.

I have no idea what the hell is happening below there.  The rest of this is a bit harder to explain.  As best I can surmise, and after careful research, I think what we have here is a pineapple helmeted knight who, by day, is a mild-mannered miner.  His simple mining tool transforms into a multi-bladed axe of epic proportion.  His miners helmet becomes a mesh face mask and his fringed blue jeans become a killer cape.

His sidekick is an alarmed dethroned chicken school-crossing guard... in white boots.

Yep, that's what they rushed out to do this morning.  Then they tossed them aside and I picked them up off the floor.

So what about that other thing?

I told you to go away.

But aren't you forgetting something?

You told me not to use the damn prayer.  You said to do it later.  I did all that up there because you said I wasn't ready prepared enough to use the stupid thing...

I meant the backseat thingee...

Oh, well... right.  I can't seem to find a new one.

Do that one thing, where you use a strikeout of the backseat and just...

On it.

From Marci's "...things you don't expect to hear from the back seat..." Facebook page:

this is how they used to get drinks from the fountain at the park - one would climb up and the other would push the button, then they would switch  :)

Definitely a family favorite and disgustingly cute, sorry...

Perhaps soon I will find a way to share a prayer with you.  If I can get away with it.  Thanks, other one me, say goodbye to the nice people who stopped by today. 

Goodbye nice people.  He's a good guy, he just gets ahead of himself every now and then.  It's all good... 

You hate that phrase, "it's all good..." 

No I don't, you're the one that hates it.  Just hit publish, wait, I'll do it as soon as I can find it.  Oh, here

He's an idiot! 

What about the title?  Are you going to change the title?

Too late now, you already published this.

Oh, right...

He's an idiot... 

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