Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Today is my Dad's birthday, he would have been eighty-two.  I don't often talk about my Dad, I'm not sure why.  That's not the truth, I know why - I don't know how to.  It's too much, too deep, too soulful, too sorrowful, too raw.  I could begin, but, where would I stop... how would I begin?  I am ashamed realizing that, and selfish, and wrong.

My Mom wrote these kind and loving words in memory of her husband, my father:

A special tribute to Roger Peebles 2-12-32 to 1-6-96 

He was truly the most compassionate, kind, non judgmental person I have ever known. He actually subscribed to the idea of "if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all." He seldom said anything negative about anyone or anything. If he did it had been thought through and was said only at home or with close friends. If he didn't agree with you, he didn't tell you you were wrong, he asked probing questions to get you to think it through. This can be very frustrating to opinionated people and probably did not gain him the respect he should have had but that was Roger. 

He had goals in his life and they did not include being rich or famous. I think he reached most of them without alienating too many people. He was taken way too soon. His sons still needed him as a mentor as they passed milestones in their lives. And, his less kind wife, needs his guidance when her opinions are not popular nor thought through.

 He still had a daughter in law, grandsons, and the beginnings of another generation to meet.

Why are the good taken early?  I don't know and if you think you do, please don't tell me because i probably have already heard and rejected your ideas. For 6+ months he was in a care facility alone and didn't know us. No one could understand how he could hang on. I was told it was going to happen that day but if I was to get home I should leave because it was snowing and 12+ inches were expected. As I was leaving I kissed him and told him I thought it was time and we would try to get along without him. They called to say he was gone before I got home. 

We all miss and need him every day of our lives. 

So happy 82nd anniversary of your birth Roger where ever you are.

It is my every hope that someday I will be cherished and honored and loved and admired half as much as this - or even a fraction of it.  My only hope is that I if I remember the man who showed me love perhaps that love will shine back to others.

Mom also included some photos of Dad (the captions are hers):

With his dog Junior.

With his first gun.

With his girlfriend (Mom) in 1950.

Our wedding 1952.

With his first child in 1955.

In his office in Henderson NV my favorite

Christmas 1964 Steubenviille, OH.
40th birthday.
Vacation trip back home to Sacaton AZ
With his 2 favorite things a cigarette and a glass of Scotch.

November 1992 our 40th anniversary

Christmas leftovers

 Mom always includes this one.  Yes, yes it was the seventies... why do you ask?

Thanks for this, Mom.

And thank you for stopping by today.  Think today of your own father, think of the gift of mothers, think of love, think of someone... anyone.  It only hurts at first...


  1. Thank you Bill, now I'm crying. I hoped to get through the day without that. I'm sorry you left out the one after the gun as he was so very proud of that. I'm glad you felt this was good enough to include here.

  2. Thank you both for sharing something so intimate. It's really beautiful.

  3. Thank you for sharing, this was a very nice tribute to your father.

  4. Real nice tribute to your dad who truly seems like a wonderful person. From what I know of you, it seems you have adopted some of his characteristics.

  5. Thank you again Bill. People always comment on his kindness and his smile. I dearly miss both