Saturday, August 31, 2013

Wait, There's More...

Yesterday I posted a picture Nick drew that was part of a book of abbreviations he did in Second Grade.  He just started Third.  I am a bit behind here on "The Toast."

I wanted to show you the rest of the booklet so I can remove it from my WIP folder and move on with some fresher stuff, from, well, later in the Second Grade.

Curiously, the title page was done on an old school dot-matrix printer:

This page introduces the abbreviations (a word in desperate need of an abbreviation, in my opinion) which he will be using in the assignment and page two shows his teacher, who name is blacked out by me because I refuse to implicate others in this nonsense:

You've already seen the Mr. Peebles page. The next page utilizes a screen-cap from Google Maps I think.  It's nice to see the schools integrating the Internet into the curriculum so flawlessly.  Yes, we do live on "Younyin sematary rd."  (I like the way he snuck in that road abbreviation there, clever.)  In his defense Cemetery is a very difficult word to spell.  I always tell people it's all "e"s.

Yes, that is my truck and I am good friends with the squirrel who lives in that hole in that tree.  Google Maps is amazing.

As you can see this was in January.  And, Ohio is a good state.  "Horay!"  It's not a grate state, it's a good state:

Our pediatrician is nice, although I am not sure how he ties those magnificent bows in his sneakers with no hands, and, April does only have five days, it's a new thing.

Well, I just thought it would be fair to show the whole thing.  And also in the interest of fairness I will also remind you of the post about Dr. Mat our bentist.

From Marci's "... things you don't expect to hear from the backseat ..."

"LEGOs are dangerous ... but fun."

 Yep.  And weird, LEGOs are very, very weird - around here at least...


  1. I just laughed out loud at this, especially the accuracy of the Google map and the squirrel. And this explained yesterday's post: I was puzzled that there was Mr then Mr. Peebles.... How fun that he chose *you* as an example of "Mr."

    * I would add that if "cemetery" were all e's, I think it would be "eeeeeeee."

  2. Love the way the kids write and spell when they are little. Sadly, Youngest is going into Middle School on Tuesday and still spells like that. When I say stuff to him, he tells me "that's what spell check is for."

    *sigh* At least he's writing.