Monday, July 9, 2012

Not Another Baseball Post

The proofs came back from the studio that did the boys' seasonal baseball photos.  It's a pricy place but the images are great.  These are my favorite of the two of them:

That's Nick there on the left.  The studio chose the action backdrop on this one, even the kids in the background match N.  I like it, totally captures the boy on the field.

Zack is on the right.  A simple stadium shot for him.  They caught his grin just right and his sparkly eyes.  Sometimes, only for a second, his head does float up when he is really happy, they took the picture at that exact moment.

My only problem with them is that the color is off in one or the other, clearly they are a different shade, and I sure wish they would have told Zack to tuck in his shirt, and where's his hat, or his glove?  And why do they both look so skinny and you can tell N's smile is fake and Zack's arms are all distorted...

What the Hell!?  These suck...

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  1. I think they are fabulous. But I do agree those boys are way too skinny.... someone should buy them some peanuts and cracker jacks.