Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Not a Post-Election Post

I considered it, really, I did.  I have some opinions about politics, but they are naive and idealistic, chronically romantic even.  Basically I think people should help and respect others.  I believe that end has been served in this election.

That being said, the whole thing still affects (or is it effects, damnit, I don't feel like looking it up right now) our household.  We don't really watch TV live, but, occasionally some of the ads are seen; some of the vitriol and cowardly accusations witnessed; liars are seen calling liars liars; moody Wagneresque music is heard swelling as images of doom and sadness flash on the screen.

And guess what?  Yeah.  I get to explain it.  N actually asked me if we'd be okay if so-and-so was elected.  He said, as an ad showed closed businesses and shuttered factories, "Dad, I don't want it to be like that."

"I don't want it to be like that."

I want you to think about that with me.  A kid, in second grade watching a presidential political ad while he is trying to enjoy AFV, says that to his his parent.

"I don't want it to be like that."

That is messed up folks.

He should see this process as the hopeful right so many have defended and celebrated over the years.

He should see this process as an honor.

He should see earnest debates, charitable candidates, men and women of decency running for office as representatives of the interests of the constituents they serve.

He should see a happy future, a safe future, a peaceful future.

He should see a worthy future where he has a role.

Z was watching that same night and a similar ad came on.  It was quickly cut, fast, and the music was all minor key and doomsday.  I looked over at him as he sat on the couch, hugging his bear tightly, cowering down.

"What's wrong?"

"This scares me," he answered.

Again I say:  That is messed up folks.

None of this crap is serving our children very well, is it?

(I told you I was naive.)

Now, I turn the page and I offer you this, the most baffling jester ever:

And this wonderful bit of confused whimsy:

"The witch was speeding on the Beach while eating two ham and chease (cheese) sandwishis (sandwiches)."

He did not draw the pumpkin, but he nailed that hat, didn't he.

I love anything absurd.  I love non-sequiturs.  A love abstractionism and anything odd.  In my estimation, it doesn't get any better than these.

Seriously, why was the witch on the beach?  Is she a beachwitch, you know, the surfing kind?  Why two sandwiches?  Why ham and cheese?  And, how exactly does a witch speed?

Why is the jester holding a baby mummy?  Is there a "spiter" (spider) crawling up his leg or, is his leg being accuse of spitefulness?  Why is he ranked there on the bottom right?  Are those good numbers?  What are the rectangles about?  Is his hat named "tree man?"

I love this stuff, I really do.  It is a great pleasure to share it with you; to keep it here for the boys; to reflect on and revere and cherish it.  You see, that is not going to change.  I promise.

From Marci's '...things you don't expect to hear from the backseat in a phone call home to say goodnight to your kids..."

I was helping with a retreat away from home and called the boys to tell them goodnight. Nick answered. I asked him what he was doing ...

"Oh, just hanging out. Playing some foosball. Listening to The Beatles."

My 7 year old is now 17.  (I edited out a smiley face here, they irritate me.) 

It's all true.  I was there, spinnin' the vinyl...


  1. Tony has brainwashed my children into being democratic. So much so that when I told them that the rest of the family went Republican, they looked as if I had told them I'd killed a puppy.


    The political process is so important. Yet I think the media has ruined all of that.

  2. I did not see one presidential attack ad this year. they sound pretty scary. I can imagine it would be hard to explain to kids what they mean and are all about. I agree with you. Our elections should give us some hope and make us want to be in the world we are creating. The ads should reflect that instead of being all about doom and gloom.

    I love the pictures!