Friday, January 18, 2013

Son Showers

We tried to watch a movie today, Enchanted.  It's pretty benign - not to Nick.

He drew this during the movie to distract himself:

I'm not glad that movies scare him, but I am glad that his heart races when the bad guy, or gal, enters the scene.  I am sorry that we can't watch anything too freaky but I am not sorry that he always wants to be comforted and assured that all will work out in the end.

When he was little we were watching something, I don't recall what, and he went running out of the room screaming "I only like the endings, I only like endings!"  Meaning, of course, that happy place where everything is as it should be.  I still feel that way, I just know that's not always the case.

And I am glad I got this.  We used to call them 'sunshowers' and I still do.  I'm not sure that's a technical meteorological term but, it works for me.  I guess I know that the sun is still shining above even the darkest of storms, the grayest of days, the gloomiest of clouds.  I just forget that.

Thanks, Nick.

From Marci's "...things you don't expect hear from the backseat..."

Z: "Nick, you farted."

N: "No. I did not feel any gas come out of my butt."

Of course this happened at the dinner table and, as god is my witness, I tried not to laugh, I tried not to make eye contact with Marci, but (butt?) I failed...

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  1. My son still has nightmares about Jurassic park. My ex-husband was famous for letting them watch movies (at 3 or 4) then falling asleep without shutting the TV off... hello late night television.

    There was a lot of explaining to do when they came home. We called it "deprogramming".