Monday, January 21, 2013

Stars and Rainbows

The boys have been sick and it's already been a four day weekend and... I am not sure they'll be able to make it to school tomorrow.

I have trouble anymore doing just a quick post here.  I didn't used to.  (Do not look at that previous sentence and say it aloud forty times as I did, just move on.)  I guess as my ideas about what I want to do here have become a little clearer my subject matter may have narrowed.

As I said they may not be going in tomorrow and...

Oh look, here's one now.

Yes, I do want to see the new pet you got in Wizard101, a lot.

You can look at these while I am gone:

Well, you guessed it, I gotta post and run.

I really was going somewhere with these two images, but, I forget where.  I think it had to do with the importance of a well-stocked craft box or the use of color in Post-Modernism Abstract art... oh, well.

From Marci's ... things you don't expect to hear from the backseat ...

N: "I keep finding more weaponry."

Z: "Good, just keep it away from the church."

She does not make this sh*t up, I was there and those are the exact words they used...

But, just for fun, I will contextualize the scene a bit.

Nick was digging around in a LEGO box and kept finding this stuff:

And Zack Had built this Neo-classical structure using all these Citi-Blocks, I think they are called:

He kept calling it a church but, clearly, it is a temple.  In any case, this is the "church" he was talking about.

(As God is my witness, when I just went upstairs to get the camera to download the temple picture, this is what I found, hunched over the laptop:

 Of course I asked them to pose:

And, I also nearly slipped on this:

Yep, The Periodic Table of The Skylanders.)

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  1. My kitchen table has a fully constructed pyramid of the Egyptian social structure as depicted by cardboard boxes with hand sculpted (and baked) Fimo clay figures glued to the sides, cover in it's entirety with fleck stone spray paint to give the illusion of lime stone.

    Last week it had a three foot long Narwhal horn replica made out of dowels and (again) Fimo clay because the horn in real life is hollow and so our model "HAD to be hollow, MOM!" It was not life size (over 8 feet) much to his dismay, simply because we couldn't fit an eight foot horn in the oven.

    My point?

    The art box gets so much more complicated and so much more awesome as they get older.