Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years End

All new years end; last year's did just a day ago.  I am really not ready for that so I am just going to deny it.  Our collective mood in the house this year was subdued; perhaps the boys noticed my thinly veiled melancholy.  I felt oddly guilty in my sadness that some had no one to open the presents and we did.

Yesterday the Christmas stuff came down and I found these in a pile of drawings near the tree.  Christmas wishes I forgot to send on?  Gifts from the boys?  Santa bribes?  I am not sure.

Nick did this one:

It's actually our living room.  We put up the letters J-O-Y on the wall above the fireplace.  You know, in retrospect I just may have put that 'J' up backwards this year.  Well, that's embarrassing.  I really dig his fire in the fireplace, it is simple yet dynamic.  We hang some sparkly ornaments above the window and we have a very fluffy tree, with six ornaments on it.  And N's catchphrase is indeed "Horay."

Zack designed a fancy card for next year I guess:

He's been experimenting with a cursive sort-of font and it seems to be evading him.  Overall though, I like it; the colors are nice, I like the tree iconography and the message is simple and inclusive.

I also found this from Nick:

They told him they were poinsettias but they are actually those horribly colored brown maroon mums you see every fall.  It's still festive but I think he needs to go deeper into the Crayola palette and find some happier hues.

From Marci's  "... things you don't expect to hear from the backseat ..." *

"Let me get my monocle!"

Game on...

*a feature first introduced in the post Yesterday's Math.

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  1. I know... feels weird having them back at school on a Wednesday. T make matters "worse", this was the first Christmas vacation I have EVER spent with them at home (since they were 2). Bonus Brother watched them on Christmas Eve, then I was off Christmas, the day after was my day off, and I took off Thurs. Friday. Tony's home on Saturday and he took them all to a BC basketball game on New Year's Eve, then new years I was off, and again, today is my day off. I have worked two days out of the last 10.

    I have no idea what day it is anymore. :)

    And hey, that could have been my living room. Everything is just a little "off" here, and we also hang ornaments in the window.