Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Back to the Beginning

I sometimes miss doing the simple posts I started this all with.  So, I decided that I'd try it again.  Also, there are a couple of things the boys wanted me to post on here, I won't tell you which ones.

Here is a rainbow star that I found underneath a pile of old papers on the corner of my desk.  Nick made it a couple of years ago.  I remember keeping it, planning to put it here.  I also remember he was very proud of it... so am I.

The boys are on a Dodgeball team and entered into a tournament scheduled later this month.  They were experimenting with ideas for a T-shirt, this one was in the discard pile.  I like that they identify as "nerds," it shows they don't really care about labels and yet, they understand that they exist.  I love, love, love that they used ellipses... just as incorrectly as I do.

Zack has been working on his graffiti tag.  It's pretty good.  Freud called but I asked him to get back with me in a few years.

I just don't know what to say about this one.  I'd work in a lab with this dude though, parrot'n all.  I love that wallpaper, too.

In Art class the boys were asked to do a version of Grant Wood's iconic "American Gothic."  Zack made his a butcher and his wife in front of a pig shaped shop.  Their logo is "Meat Yum!"  I love him so.  I like that he's holding a pot of fresh basil.  Maybe there's a green-grocer out front.

This is maybe two inches by two inches, it was the only thing on a full-sized sheet of paper - I think that's delightfully odd.

Right now the boys are outside, it's fifty-something and the sun is bright and breeze is blowing.  They like to do their homework in on the top deck of the playset.  Oh, wait, they're done and now they are stick-fighting and running around screaming.  I wonder what they are chanting...

"Ain't no party like an out side party 'cause an outside party don't stop!"

It's true, you know.

I love how weird they are, how quirky and unpredictable they can be, how individual they've become.

From Marci's "...things you don't expect to hear from the backseat... " Facebook page:

Marci Peebles's photo.

When it is 55° in February, you do your homework in the play set.

Well, it was fun going back and thinking sillily and all.  Peace to you.

Thanks for stopping by and come back Friday, if you have time, I am trying to write more substantial stuff on Fridays, trying...


  1. Write whatever you want--we'll read it happily!!

  2. I did not know your Dad but you have painted such a clear visual that I can see him with you in front of the screens with the wind blowing and the storm coming. I wish I had met him and I wish he could be on your porch with you and the boys during the next storm.