Monday, April 8, 2013

From The Craft Table

This is Bob, not Turn-Around-Bob, a different Bob:

That last panel, on the bottom there are Bob's shoes.  He is standing in mud, which Nick, the imagineer behind Bob, thought was hilarious.  Bob hung in the dining room for a few weeks, all taped together.  He had to go to make room for the birthday banner we made the boys.

This is a photo I took of the backyard from Zack's chair at the dining room table:

Here is the drawing Zack made of that same scene:

Friday was Nick and Zack's eight birthday, Sunday we had a "Boy Party," nine boys in a big backyard on a beautiful Spring day.  I'd post a picture or two but, I'd venture to say you've seen a gang of boys, wielding sticks as swords, kicking volleyballs, climbing playsets and getting rowdy before.

But, I'd also venture to guess that you've never seen Bob before or "A Still-life with Yellow Cushions."  Both Bob and the picture were done of a winter's evening, after dinner, passing the time before bed.

Every birthday I think back at the things I am afraid won't happen much anymore.  I hope we always can find time for goofing off with a box of colored pencils and crayons and a pile of paper as a family together, but, I wonder, what with Z's baseball and N's soccer and choir and "Shooting Hopes" and biking and all.  I hope we will do it again sometime soon, like, say, November.

I hope they will still want to.  They grow faster than my heart can keep up with them.

 From Marci's "... things you don't expect to hear from the backseat ..."

"Maniacs are supposed to be nice."

Most I've known were...

 Thanks for stopping by.  Seriously, what's up with Bob's shirt?


  1. Zach will probably look back on that backyard drawing with a lot of fondness. Also, that looks like a fun backyard.

    1. Neal, thanks. I know you get it, and I know you know I appreciate your encouraging, kind and understanding words over the past several months. That being said: ihopeiwinaTshirt...

  2. I love the prospective on the tree house picture. It says a lot about what he sees as important... Clearly he could care less about the seating arrangement with the yellow cushions, it's all about the tree and swing set. Nice.

    1. Juli, it is so kind of you to come around. I love the tree branches best, so perfectly awkward.