Thursday, February 9, 2012

Retrotoaster, The Food Palette

The USDA or FDA or FEMA or somebody is soon introducing a new approach to balanced nutrition for children:

A little explanation is due here.  You see, I got a new purse, fanny pack, manbag, messenger bag, murse... oh who am I kidding, it is a purse, even if it is rich, chocolate brown leather.  Anyway, when I went to switch out from my old bag the above fell out, folded and tucked in a back zipper pocket.  I don't remember when, although I suspect it was at least two years back, or why I put it in there.  I most have found some humor in it and I still do.

This will replace the Food Pyramid or Food Pie Chart or whatever it used to be. They are calling it The Food Palette.  It includes, and is limited to, these main items, which I had, thankfully, already labeled:  mac-and-cheese, apple sauce, white milk, french fries, chicken nuggets (which I assume they were out of, or 86ed, at the time because they are scribbled out), burger and chocolate milk.

A cannot be sure why it says "Zacl + (circled)2" there at the bottom nor why one branch of the palette is labeled "nana" and the other "(backwards)papa," but, who am I to question the mysterious and always profound wisdom of the federal government.

Any of you who have toddlers and pre-schoolers are probably saying that you have already adopted the Food Palette, and those of you who are still trying to feed your youngsters cauliflower, egg-white omelets and tofu will soon be following this, I guarantee.

They boys have been sick on and off now for over a week and that makes it difficult to spend the time posting on ihopeiwinatoaster here, but, hopefully, they are finallty getting better and I can get back into the rhythm of things here again.  It's funny, I follow a few parenting blogs and some are so far-reaching, so well edited, so clever, so well-tended with Facebook pages and links and the like, that I wonder:  when do these people find the time to be the perfect, clever, vigilant, loving, crafty and flawless parents they portend to be?

Well, my blog sucks a little so you must know I am spending time with my kids.  Right?

From Marci's  "...things you don't expect to hear from the backseat..."

Z:  "But, Nick, you have to *tell* me when you change my mind."

I, too, need to be told when my mind is changed, it's only fair...

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