Friday, February 17, 2012

acsis and sords

Well, lets see... to continue the saga of the Playground Crusades (begun in the post Nonversations), N and Z and a number of the other kids are in a "playground club" called the Lovees, they battle the Hatees on whom we now have some critical surveillance information.  I can only share this with you if you pinky swear not to tell:

(I'd really like to say the dog chewed on this, but, uh... we don't have a dog and it's not something a cat would do, so, truth be told, N was chewing on it.  My imagination, at times overly lucid, had him trying to eat the evidence before the counter-revolutionaries found it.) 

I'll use the special order, over-utilized, under-appreciated, kid-to-parent decoder ring:  "hates (whom I've dubbed the Hatees, it's more poetic), below that, defense, next line, throwing, brains and horns.  The next column is:  foods, there under the bite-marks, food again, plants, hearts and brain (singular)."

There is an ominous propaganda picture underneath the recon brief, a Hatee in full battle regalia; horns, a shield and what was reported to be a "vest of strength."  Lightning flashes and thunder "booms" in the distance.  All pretty interesting stuff.

In the same packet there was an assessment of the Lovees weaponry, consisting of:

"acsis (axes) and sords"  Looks like they are well prepared.

Of course I had a conversation with N about all this, mostly out of morbid curiosity, and found out that the Hatees not only eat brain (singular), but throw it at the enemy as well, "but they don't throw hearts" it was emphasized, I guess that would just be gross.

I finally found out today that they are no more Hatees, they either dropped out or were assimilated into the Lovee cult.

Recess is weird.

from Marci's '...things you don't expect to hear from the backseat...'

"I only know two presidents, Obama and George Washington.  I need to tell someone."

George who... ? 

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