Friday, December 9, 2011

Sports Allegiances

We are not really a sporty household.  My boys might argue that and my wife might argue that but, believe me, in comparison to some, it's pretty mild around here.  I mean sure I watch a couple  few several, oh alright dozens of Reds Games, and the World series, most of the Football playoffs, the NCAA Men's, and the World Cup, but that's all.  Anyway, I wouldn't say we had any sort of specific sports affiliation if you will.  So I was sort of surprised when Z came up to me and asked when the Xavier/UC basketball game was.  A little thing we call "The Crosstown Shootout."

I was doubly surprised because, A: I didn't know and, B: since when is he paying attention.

I said what I always say when I am disconcerted and caught of guard, "My!"

He gave me the one-eyebrow Spock thing he does and said, "That doesn't even make any sense."  (I had to concede his point.)

So I grabbed the sports page, which I never look at, and told him tomorrow at noon.

"J at school says that UC is better this year, and they're gonna beat Xavier."

I didn't say, "Well, I'm gonna kick J's ass."  What I did say was, "I think Xavier will win."

And, I have proof:

Clearly the 2011 Championship Trophy. 

So, there you have it.  I still don't know how these sports favorites are decided, heck my kids could be Yankee fans for all I care (grrrrrr....).

But X-A-V-I-E-R, what's up with that?

Oh yeah, I forgot about that (they were maybe two and a half.)

from Marci's '...things you don't expect to hear from the backseat...'

"I could kick you and it would hurt like death"
"Well, the principal said he heard you, and if you do, everything will explode."

Principals are like that. 

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  1. Im a UC guy but Xavier is definitely better then UC this year. J doesn't know what he is talking about.