Sunday, December 11, 2011

"A Negklis With A Ancre On It..."

I really don't think we'll need the decoder ring here, but, 'Neckles' is necklace. Now that is one straightforward Dear Santa letter.  A necklace, some candy, a hat and a ball.  To be honest it's sort of, well, sad I guess.  I mean come on Z, dream big; here's your big chance.  The thing is, he's not that guy.  He's cool with what he's got and whatever he gets is good enough.  There is one thing I know for certain, he will get everything on that list.  Santa likes pictures and, he likes humility.

This one will require the decoder ring, it's from the not-neat kid.  (You always say you won't put your kids in categories but you always do.)  Let's see:

1.  A bug book all about bugs. 
2.  A bug necklace.
3.  A new Teddy Bear.
 4. 2.  Legos 
 3. A pretend bug that moves.
5.  A necklace with a anchor on it
     I really wil...
 5.  A necklace with a anchor on it  and for the string I want a chain.

Phew!  N really had to sweat that one out didn't he.  (You know, the spelling errors at their age are so cute:  adowt=about,  Lagoes=Legos, ancre=anchor, and, my favorite, negklis=necklace.  What's funny is spell-check didn't get any of them right.)  A necklace with an anchor on it, who knew?  A bug book about, bugs, not the bug book about Aristotle.  At least he's been a little more specific a little bolder, and, well, he's that kid.  He likes what he dreams up, and he imagines very specifically, and, Santa will get him what he asked for as well because Santa likes messy kids with wicked good imaginations.  Hell, he might even go the Teddy Bear.

I wish I had every letter to Santa and every Christmas wish list I ever wrote.  I guess, if I did, the first thing I'd wonder would be; did I get what I wanted, you know, my batting average, the percentages?  The second thing I might wonder would be; how much of it do I still have, or even remember?  Finally I would ask myself; did I make any good choices?

I remember looking at the Sears and Montgomery Ward catalogs, with their glossy, full color pages, dog-eared and crinkled by the time I, the youngest of three brothers, got to them, and just wishing.  Imagining what it would be like to have that thing, that bike, or that BB gun, or that unicycle or beginner's guitar, that magic set, chemistry set, badminton set, ping pong table or that spinny rock polisher thing.  That Etch-A-Sketch or that Game of Life, that pair of boots just like Joe's or a new football.  Man, oh, man that all brings it back, thinking about what I had so wanted.

What's on your wish list this year, are you specific or general?  Are you dreaming big, or are you, like me, keeping it stupidly simple?  My wish?  My wish is in their eyes, in their hearts, in their minds, in their imaginations and, in their hopeful, innocent dreams.

from Marci's '...things you don't expect to hear from the backseat...'

"Never scare a woman with socks."

That's very, very good advice, just trust me on this...

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