Friday, March 4, 2016

Chess and Salvation

I've played a lot of chess in my day.  I've gifted chess sets to friends on several occasions, I even knew an old man who carved them.

That being said, I've never played on one this cool.

It used to be that I understood what they boys were talking about - hell, I even speak fluent toddler - but now, as their horizons reach further, as their education experience broadens, as their personalities and sense of selves expands as it will forever, I, um, don't.

Nick made this for an extra math project his teacher had given him to, well, keep him busy and focused.  Apparently, it's called "Decimal Chess" and one has to draw a card and solve a decimal problem, i.e. one and three-fourths is what as a decimal, what is the average of .5, one-fourth and 1.25, use a number-line to solve...  you get it.  You can move after you solve the problem, if you don't the other player moves again.

I suggested that chess was hard enough without solving an equation - although the idea of getting two or more moves in row is sort of interesting.  He said they were easy equations and everyone would know them.

Remind me not to play "Decimal Chess" with Nick...

I found this piece of notepaper on the floor.  It is Z's writing so I asked him about it.  He looked at it and quickly crumpled it up and said he didn't remember why he wrote it down.

"True Salvation is off to a good start."

It sounds like an opening line to a novel.  Perhaps, True Salvation is a new band.  Maybe he is experiencing a profound religious, uh, thing...

You know what?  I am not going to ever find out.  I am well past knowing everything about them.

That's sad... and good.

This parenting thing can really mix a guy up.

From Marci's  "... things you don't expect to hear from the backseat ..."

"Chanting always works."

There is that...

Thanks for coming around again.  Peace and goodwill and stuff.


  1. That's a pretty interesting way to play chess. I will have to see if Lukas is introduced to that at some point (he excels at math too). And what an opening line! Hopefully, he will read your archeives one day, and use that as the real opening line to something he publishes. That would be cool.

  2. There may be no finer game than chess. So many good things come from and with it.