Saturday, February 28, 2015

If You Give a Boy a Pencil...

If you give a boy a pencil, he's going to ask for a piece of paper.

When you give him the piece of paper, he'll probably ask you for some consonants and vowels.

When he's figured the letters out, he'll ask for a story to tell.

Then you will have to tell him that he has to write his own stories.

So, he'll probably ask you where to find the stories to tell.

And then you'll have to show him the big, big world where all the stories are being told.

When you do that he'll start looking at things differently. He'll look around him and see the hearts of those he's with. He'll look down and see those who need a hand up. He'll look up and wonder what could be beyond those stars.

And, if he looks into the stars, he might get carried away.

He might not tell his own stories all the time.

He might begin to make some up.

Or, he might begin to tell the truth which can hurt a lot.

When he hurts a lot he might want to say more things, tell longer stories, until he finds himself all grown up with little boys all his own.

Because he's all grown up, he'll probably ask you for a computer.

If you give a dad a computer, he'll probably want to start a blog.

If you give a dad a blog he will come to know wonderful people in a land called Cyberspace.

When he finds those wonderful people he might want to figure out how to meet them and be a part of something really big.

So, he'll probably look for a place where he could meet them.

Then he will hear of a place called Dad 2.0 Summit and he will want to go there.

If he wants to go to Dad 2.0 Summit he might have to ask for help.

If he does ask for help, he'll probably begin by saying:

“If you give a boy a pencil...”

Apologies to Laura Numeroff. The Dad Blogging community did give me my pencil, as it were. It gives me a place to tell my story. It gives me the encouragement and courage to continue when there seems so little point. It gave me my voice. I would like to thank all those who have showed me kindness and encouragement on my journey - I'll see you all in 2016... I'll bring the cookies.

Or a heart-shaped meatloaf...

I am glad you could take a look today, I'll be back to my regular programming soon.  Peace to you and yours.


  1. Besides being a great post, I especially liked the labels.

  2. I love the "If you give a... " posts. The meat loaf, not so much. The heart was awesome, I'm just not a fan of Meatloaf. :)

  3. Bill Peebles. Using the Internet for good since 2012. Actually I don't know when you started, but don't stop....

  4. A great post in the style of one of my favorite books