Monday, September 23, 2013

A Cast of Several and A Set Piece

Here is who I've encountered just in the last week or so:

or who is flying.
A Ninja with an upside-down head...

A wookie with flaming hands and feet and a wild-ass mustache.

Masked Mayans.

A goggled butterfly mid-metamorphosis.

A silly fighting Irishman, and...
...his fire juggling partner.

A platycrocimander.

A creepy bird "pet" with udders.

A creepier duck in a fez eating a snake.

A wizard cat in a leopardskin leotard with an electric weapon.

A candle-headed owl amidst flying jewels.

An ethereal floating bunny.


A flaming hippie in suspenders.

This, uh, warrior in a big hat.

The Masonic-like lodge where they all live.

And this frightening little creature who is going to slay them all as they sleep.

1 comment:

  1. I think the udders are the birds tail.
    From another highly experienced picture reader