Tuesday, November 18, 2014

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Write your own ding-dang story.  I'd call it "Snow Day" or something like that...

Well done, you can really spin a good one.

From Marci's ".... things you don't expect to hear from the backseat ..."

"There is bacon between my toes!"

(as result of barefoot omelette making)

Is there a better feeling?  I do draw the line at salami between the toes, although it is important to note that if you lick a piece of salami it will stick nicely to bare skin...

Thanks for coming around today and telling yourself my story.  I wasn't trying to be flip or anything, but I'd imagine this story is familiar to everyone.  Not because I assume the ubiquity of snow, I know a lot of folks don't get a snow day or more a year.  No, I guess I was thinking about the inevitability of some moments.  This day was written for us long ago by the hearts of children still remembered.  It is the simplest and most fundamental of stories.  It is also a story easy to forget:  Let's play!

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  1. We've had bits of snow here... and I'm sure it's coming... but nothing like that so far. Funny, I thought you weren't that far from me... apparently you're further north.

    Enjoy your day... this would be the day I bust out the "snow cream" recipe. :)