Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dramaticky Post Postponed

Yeah, I was going to get all deep and dramatic today.  It's that 'time' thing I got going on, you might remember, my fear of time and how I don't have enough and what I have I fritter away on this stupid blog and on Facebook and cleaning and cooking and sleeping.  Yeah, that ...

I was going to reflect on what I did here last year at the end of first grade and link you to this or that post and generally go on and on about my problems and how I question my talents, both as a parent and a memoirist/diarist/bloggist.

As you know I like to include an image here so I went up to the "keeper box," remembering that they brought something home yesterday.  Now, mind you, I was going to lament a little my time here this summer.  Full time dadding is sort of time-consuming and, well, I won't have time to post much.  And, I have been enjoying writing deeper and longer posts, which takes time.  And, what with Nick's broken arm and Zack's somewhat argumentative ways these days, I feel I will have to keep a close watch on them and keep them busy.  I was going to show these images as proof that school was indeed out and that I had a reason for not keeping up here.

I found what I was looking for and glanced at it hoping it would reinforce my serious self-serving sentimental slop.

And then?  I laughed.  Out loud.  Twice.  Here's why:

It's the cover of a little booklet full of quotes from the boys' class.

That's not why I laughed, "the studints are grate" is why I laughed.  It's so perfect.  You know Nick's spelling is weak, and that's being kind, but, well ... it's so cute, and naive, and happy.

This is Zack's offering:

I think, I know, he is a happy kid.

So, I'll worry about the rest of it all later.  I should be glad that I still find this all funny and adorable and sweet and decent.

I should be glad I don't have a sick kid, I only have a kid with a broken arm, which will mend.

I should be glad I have a safe home, a loving family and a scanner.

From Marci's "... things you don't expect to hear from the backseat ..."

"Hey, that's MY rainbow!"

Well, it looks a lot like mine ...


  1. No matter what, they can always make us laugh. Usually when they don't mean to.

    Good luck getting more posts up. Don't get too dramaticky...I like funny!

  2. Dramaticky is a beautiful word. (Apparently it is actually a Czech word.)

    One thing I love about seeing kids' artwork is that it's all the same, throughout the ages and generations. i think it's something that ties generations together, even when they like to cleave one another apart. (I'm on a tirade in my head about anti-Millennial comments. But lest I digress....)

  3. Youngest will be leaving elementary school in 19 days.


    I am ready, and yet I'm not.

    Middle school here we come.